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period panties

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Track: FROOT
Artist: Marina & the Diamonds
Album: FROOT - Single
Plays: 19,558

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favorite Sean Kelly's designs from Project Runway

"I’ve shown you some moments on the runway which you’ve never seen before and I have plenty more of them stash away. Once the limit is off, the competition is taken away, I’m gonna be able to give you something impressive.

I just love bossy women. I could be around them all day. To me, bossy is not a pejorative term at all. It means somebody’s passionate and engaged and ambitious and doesn’t mind leading.

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Laverne Cox Presents: The T Word.

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me at the gynecologist: is it poppin???? is it severe????

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(let’s not talk about) how we danced in middle school;  you can tell your boyfriend, if he says he’s got beef, that I’m a vegetarian and I AIN’T FUCKIN SCARED OF HIM // songs which still evoke the desire to jump around shamelessly and sing in a circle with my friends.    [[25 tracks // 1 hour 30 minutes]]

don’t trust me - 3OH!3 // everytime we touch - cascada // low (apple bottom jeans) - flo rida ft. t-pain // shake it - metro station // whine up - kat deluna ft. elephant man // paralyzer - finger eleven // fergilicious - fergie // crank that - soulja boy tell’em // promiscuous - nelly furtado & timbaland // cupid shuffle - cupid // beautiful liar - beyonce & shakira // cyclone - baby bash ft. t-pain // london bridge - fergie // cupid’s chokehold - gym class heroes // shut up and drive - rihanna // kiss kiss - chris brown ft. t-pain // the sweet escape - gwen stefani // bed - j. holiday // into the night - santana ft. chad kroeger // girlfriend - avril lavigne // gives you hell - the all-american rejects // no air - jordin sparks ft. chris brown // he said she said - ashley tisdale // the great escape - boys like girls // dance floor anthem (i don’t wanna be in love) - good charlotte

/// [[to listen]] ///